quarantine activities to do with kids
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Activities to do While Quarantined with Kids

quarantine activities to do with kids

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Fun Activities to do While Quarantined with Kids

If you’re like me, you’ve already gone through your bag of tricks during this quarantine.  Your kids are driving you nuts and all you want to do is hide in the closet.  Am I right?  Let’s add some things to that bag of tricks to help you and your kids make the best of this quarantine life.  I want to share over 50 fun activities to do while quarantined with kids.

Movement Activities to do While Quarantined with Kids

  1.  Tag – Go outside (or stay inside) and play a fun game of tag!  There are so many different varieties of the game tag. Take your pick!  Click here for some ideas.
  2.  Did somebody say dance party?! Who doesn’t love some free movement and good music?
  3. Yoga – Some quiet time and  movement?  Yoga is perfect and my favorite kids yoga channel is Cosmic Kids Yoga.
  4. Jump rope – single or double dutch?  Jump rope is a perfect movement activity.
  5. Build an obstacle course! You can use couch pillows, chairs, broom stick, you name it!
  6. Tape shape game – Using tape, create different letters and shapes on the floor.  Have your child pick their favorite shape and then give them directions on how to move to the next shape. “Jump to the shape that has three corners!”
  7. Hopscotch – Use some chalk to create a classic hopscotch game.
  8. Animal walk – Call out an animal and have your child imitate it.  “Slither like a snake!” “Jump like a kangaroo!”
  9. Freeze dance – Combine that dance party with a little bit of freeze dance fun.  Stop the music and freeze!
  10. Take a bike ride and enjoy the sun!

Creative Activities to do While Quarantined with Kids

Bust out that craft box and those toilet paper rolls!  Here are some fun and creative activities to do while quarantined with kids.

  1. Paint rocks – Classic and fun!  Create different designs and add them to a garden or around the neighborhood to spread some cheer!
  2. Make slime – What kid doesn’t like making slime?! Click here for my favorite slime recipe.
  3. Direct to Draw – My kids LOVE doing direct to draw art.  Follow the instructions on how to draw your favorite characters or a cute watermelon with a silly face.  This website has a ton of fun direct to draws to help your kiddos learn how to draw their favorite things!
  4. Paper pinwheel – Combine some simple science with a few supplies and you’ve got yourself some fun!  Click here for a fun paper pinwheel activity.
  5. White crayon art – Use a white crayon to create some fun designs on a piece of paper.  Then go over it with watercolors.  Another fun science meets craft activity!
  6. Painting with something other than a paint brush – Painting with something other than a paintbrush can be an exciting way to add some fun in your day!  Some ideas include; building blocks, cookie cutters, sponges, cardboard tubes.
  7. Toilet paper roll binoculars – Use this fun DIY to go on a backyard safari!
  8. Paper towel marble run – Do you have a bunch of toilet paper or paper towel rolls that your don’t know what to do with?  Try this fun activity!
  9. Shrinky Dinks – This is one of my all time favorite activities!  You can use this DIY or create your own!  There are so many fun things to make and do with shrinky dink paper!
  10. Cardboard box city – Open up a cardboard box by cutting the sides open.  Then use markers, crayons, or paint to mark out streets and buildings.  Hours of fun!

quarantine activities to do with kids

Quiet Activities to do While Quarantined with Kids

We all need some peace and quiet at some point during the day.  Pass the time with these fun and timeless quiet activities to do while quarantined with kids.

  1. Read a book together!  One of the books my daughter and I read together was the illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  The illustrations are fantastic! It was a great way for us to bond and spend some quiet time together.
  2. Puzzles – There are so many different puzzles to choose from.  Find one that you have done before or challenge yourself with a new one.  Either way, it’s fun, easy, and usually quiet.
  3. Sort and Count – You can sort coins, buttons, pom poms, markers, legos, anything you have around the house!  Then count them!
  4. Tablet or computer time – Let your kids unwind with a fun video or educational game.  A little bit of screen time won’t hurt.
  5. Watch a movie together.
  6. Take a bubble bath – Kids love bubble baths and it’s a fun way to pass some time.
  7. Do some work in an activity book or find some free educational worksheets online.
  8. Playdoh or Kinetic sand – Put down an old table cloth or sheet and let your kids enjoy some hands-on fun!  Kinetic sand and Playdoh keep my kids busy for long enough that I can catch my breath!
  9. Geoboards – Fun, education, and quiet!  This activity is a win, win for parents and kids!
  10. Grow your own caterpillars! Watching a life cycle unfold right in front of your eyes is truly an unforgettable experience.  Order some caterpillars and watch them go through the stages of the butterfly life cycle.  Kids will spend hours observing and watching their new creatures.

quarantine activities to do with kids


New Toys to try

Being stuck at home is a great time to check out the latest and greatest toys and gadgets.  Order online and have it delivered right to your door! Pass the time with these toys and activities to do while quarantined with kids.

  1. Board Games – Ok, maybe not the latest and greatest, but board games are a fun, family friendly way to pass the time!  My favorites are Sorry! , Connect 4, Jenga, and Guess Who?
  2. Build with Legos!  This is always a hit with my kids and keeps them busy for hours! the possibilities are endless!
  3. Mess free activity mat – This thing is so cool! It comes with all kinds of accessories for hours of mess-free fun!
  4. Magnetic Building Tiles – If you don’t already have a set of these, it’s time to get some!  These tiles provide a fun STEM challenge for kids.  They can create all kinds of different things with these tiles.
  5. Brain Flakes  are another great STEM type activity that will keep your child engaged in learning and having fun!
  6. Science kits – Kits like this one are a great way to explore science and have some fun!
  7. Water Balloons! An oldie but goodie!  Who doesn’t love a fun water balloon fight?!
  8. Teach your kids how to use a bow and arrow!  Safely, of course.  This bow and arrow set is perfect for kids.
  9. Gravity Maze – This fun STEM toy will help your child use their critical thinking skills to create a maze.
  10. Create a volcano! This classic STEM activity uses science and fun to bring some excitement home!

Adventure Activities to do While Quarantined with Kids

  1. Go on a nature hike!  Walk around the neighborhood or go to a nearby park.  Walk around and look for different creatures, insects, rocks, and plants
  2. Build a fort.
  3. Start a garden
  4. Organize or rearrange furniture
  5. Make a treasure hunt!  Hide things around the house like legos or other small toys and have your kids find them!
  6. Cloud watch – If there are clouds in the sky, go outside and watch them.  Do you see different shapes?
  7. Create an outdoor obstacle course!  If it’s nice out, use what you have to create a fun obstacle course.
  8. Play a game of catch.
  9. Create a nature journal.  Start writing things down that you observe in nature.  True scientists keep detailed notes and pictures.
  10. Mud pies!  Who doesn’t love a good old mud pie!  Turn on the hose and get a little messy.


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