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This Escape Room for Kids is Perfect for Family Game Night

escape room for kids

This Printable Escape Room for Kids is Perfect for Family Game Night!

Coming up with new and exciting ideas for family game night can be exhausting.  This printable escape room for kids is a perfect addition to your family game night, those rainy days when you can’t go outside, or a party game that’ll add an extra bit of mystery to your event.  This DIY printable escape room for kids is printable, easy to use, and doesn’t require any setup.  Just print and play!  Don’t have a printer?  All escape rooms come with a digital and virtual escape room as well!

Check out the Escape Rooms Here!

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room or game consists of clues, evidence, and reports that players use to solve a mystery.  It’s sort of like the game Clue, but every escape room is different and highly engaging.  Each escape room comes with a unique “mission,” or mystery to be solved.  Some escape rooms are more heavily focused on solving riddles and puzzles, but escape rooms by Cultivating Lifetime Learners and Mysteries For Kids, is more of a detective game.

These escape rooms for kids are great, because you don’t need to go anywhere, you can print the materials at home, and it will keep your kids busy!

How do you Play an Escape Room at Home?

It’s easier than you think!  Simply click the “download,” button and open the escape room.  Inside you’ll find:

  • Setup instructions with detailed information
  • Directions for the many different ways on how to play the game (Solo, team, whole group)
  • Note taker/Graphic Organizer Breakdown (Use these note takers to feel like a real detective!)
  • Inference Sentence Frames (Help players discuss their theories with these sentence frames.)
  • Investigation Report (Introduction)
  • 25 clues to solve the mystery
  • Reports/Statements/Evidence
  • 6 different note takers/graphic organizers to choose from!
  • Answer key
  • Discussion Questions
  • Access to the Digital Mystery
  • Digital Instructions for players

Check out the Escape Rooms Here!

How Can I Use an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are a great addition to many different events, occasions, and activities.  Some of the different ways the escape rooms have been played, included:

  • Family Game Night
  • Birthday Parties
  • Classroom Activities
  • Curing the “I’m bored blues”
  • Date Night
  • Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts Troop Activities
  • Virtual Parties/Meetups
  • And so much more!

Check out the Escape Rooms Here!

Why choose an escape room for kids?

escape room for kids

Choosing an escape room for any event is a great way to bring a fun and interactive twist that your guests will love!  These games combine the excitement of solving a mystery with the opportunity to connect with friends and family.  Each mystery is unique and includes a challenging crime to solve.  Set the stage for your mystery game by adding some fun props like caution tape, detective badges (Editable detective badges are included!), dim the lights, and play suspenseful music in the background.  Of course, these are all fun options to add, but none of them are required to have a great time!

Not only will guests and game players have fun playing the escape room, but they’ll also be working on very important skills that include:

  • Team Building
  • Collaboration
  • Inferencing
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • And so much more!

Check out the Escape Rooms Here!

escape room for kids

This game is designed to be easy to set up and play, with everything you need included in the kit. The solution sheet ensures that the host can keep the game running smoothly, while the detailed plot and script provide a thrilling experience for all players.

So, why wait? Get your printable escape room for kids today and start solving the crime!

Check out the Escape Rooms Here!

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