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The BEST Family Game Night – A Mystery Game!

mystery game

Spice up Family Game Night with a Mystery Game!

Family game night is one of the most important time for families. It’s a time to connect, decompress, and enjoy time together. Playing the same games night after night can become a little boring. Spice up family game night with a fun and exciting mystery game!

All you need is a printer and you’re ready to go! Simply print the mystery and the clues that go with it. Separate the clues and hide them around the house. Work together as a family to solve the mystery and have fun catching criminal mastermind! All of these mysteries are available online and can be printed from home. Each mystery comes with detailed instructions, an introduction, and 25 clues to help you solve the mystery.

These mysteries can be used with a variety of age ranges. I’ve even had college professors use these mysteries in their classrooms to help engage their students!

How do the mysteries work?

It’s fun, it’s easy, and it will help you build connection! To get started, simply download the mystery of your choosing. There are more than 30 mysteries to choose from! After downloading the mystery game, print it out and cut up the clues. Make sure to leave the answer sheet out so nobody can see the answer! After hiding the clues or placing them around the room, read the introduction. The introduction will give everyone enough background information to help them connect the clues. After reading the introduction, each person can individually read the clues or you can work as a team of detectives. Keep track of the clues on one of the graphic organizers included in the resource, or use a simple piece of paper and a pencil, like a real detective.

After everyone has had a chance to read all the clues, it’s time to come up with your theories. Each person can take turns telling the group their theory. After everyone has shared their theory, it’s time to read the answer sheet. Discussion questions are included to help dig deeper and expand the conversation. Remember, as a detective, you have to look at each clue critically.

Why choose a mystery game for family game night?

Not only are these mysteries fun and engaging, but the benefits are endless! These mystery games have huge benefits for kids. They will help strengthen their inferencing skills, critical thinking, reading comprehension, and so much more! These mystery games are challenging, fun, and include an important element of cooperative learning. Did I also mention they’re fun! I don’t want to forget that! Your kids will be begging for more mysteries!

With over 7,000 5 star reviews, these mysteries are sure to bring fun and excitement back into family game night!

Check out this post to see how I use these mysteries in my classroom!

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